Government Relations


We help organizations advance and protect their interests through effective, credible engagement with government.

DFH Principals have direct experience in the Canadian policy process and sustain effective working relationships at federal and provincial government levels. We understand the policy environment and the stakeholder dynamics that influence decision-making.

Our approach focuses on providing quality analysis and insight, helping clients develop and communicate their policy positions, effectively engage government, build coalitions of support, and pursue advocacy. We also help our clients create and manage their reputation with government—an increasingly important consideration in Canadian government relations.

DFH has contributed to policy and regulatory solutions in respect to resource development, energy, telecommunications, the environment, international trade, economic development and competitiveness, infrastructure, urban growth, tourism, national parks, healthcare reform and more.

DFH also supports its clients with government, regulatory and stakeholder relations associated with the siting and development of significant industrial projects.


DFH Public Affairs has extensive experience in formulating government relations strategy in support of global resource development projects and resource policy matters.

We work with proponent companies to help them position significant projects, establish in-country government relationships, align public and stakeholder communications, build their local reputation, engage in approvals processes, and negotiate development agreements and royalty regimes. We help to structure aligned CSR and community relations programs and strategies, and to steward communication, media relations, and public affairs programs.